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Shanghai Winday Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, designer and installation service provider of industrial refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems such as screw chillers, industrial chillers and commercial chillers.

Our products include industrial refrigeration units, water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, water (air) cold cryogenic chillers, high EER water cooled screw unit, air cooled screw unit, screw-type cryogenic refrigeration units, water source heat pump units, efficient heat pump, screw-type heat recovery units, frequency conversion air cooled industrial chillers, integrated industrial chillers.

Winday Industrial has become business partners of major national research institutions, renowned universities, Fortune 500 companies and so on. Our products are widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, plastic industry, food, pharmaceuticals industry, military, printing, mechanics, electronics, and other industries. Winday chillers are not only accepted in industrial manufacturing area, but new developed efficient screw type chillers are also gain high reputation and recognize in the application of commercial air conditioner and central air conditioning.