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How to solve the problems when the fault occurs

Date: 12-25-2017

  • Winday chiller if at ordinary times for the standardized operation, general rate of malfunction of ci is very small, if there are some running problems, should be checked according to the program instead of steps, namely, fluorine, oil, water and electricity in the order of the four systems of troubleshooting, avoid due to the fault of cross unit maintenance rework phenomenon, can reduce maintenance time, save maintenance funds, ensure the quality of maintenance.


    In addition, if there has some problems in Winday chiller, related technical personnel can through their mastery of the maintenance of common sense to conduct a preliminary treatment.Such as compressor unit assembly and decomposition, the cleaning and maintenance of the refrigeration system, refrigerant added, control system equipment and components of debugging and maintenance, brazing, welding, leak detection, vacuum, unit testing, dehumidification, lubricating oil and the refrigerant charging and discharging and related operations.

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