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The pump of industry low temperature chiller

Date: 12-25-2017

  • Cryogenic industry chiller is a kind of widely used in domestic industrial production in the field of professional refrigeration equipment, in low temperature industrial chiller machine, the operation of the pump is normal to ensure the normal operation of low temperature industrial chiller machine equipment is very important, regularly pump test is the key of industry chiller, so, how to reasonable evaluation and testing of cryogenic pump? We will introduce as the follows


    Low temperature industry chiller the situation of the water pump in a large extent, affect the overall operation of low temperature industrial chiller. Working in low temperature industrial chiller, water pump in operation, we should pay attention to check whether the instrument work normally, stability, pay special attention to current meter is more than rated current of the motor, electric current is too big, too small should immediately stop check.


    In addition, the low temperature industrial refrigerating machine equipment of the pump working system can better reflect the working state of low temperature industrial refrigerating machine equipment.Pump flow is normal, for example, check out of the water pipe flow situation, according to the pool water level change, estimate the pump running time, timely contact with the scheduling.At the same time, also check the pump packing whether platen heating, water is normal, shall not be less than eight times everyday.

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