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Chiller System

Date: 12-25-2017

  • Chiller system is becoming most essential part of HVAC industry. Now a day, many commercial building, public building, and manufacturing industries also incorporate chillers system in HVAC design, which accounts for large proportion (over a half of total electricity consumption) of electrical energy consumption.
    And therefore evaluation of its energy management opportunities should be the prioritized. The main objective of this paper is to demonstrate and standardize energy and performance assessment and improvement methodology of magnetic water chiller in tropical climate where occupancy of people working in "Shree Ramkrishna Export Pvt Ltd, Surat" is very high (5000/shift) in total cooling area 24907 ft 2 .
    After removing scales and replacing expansion valve in 1250 kW chiller capacity water chiller and removing scales and replacing compressor in 950 kW capacity chiller, performance of these two chiller were improved and power consumption was reduced at difference load conditions. In 1250 kW chiller, reduction of power consumption was up to 7.79% per year at full load condition and in 950 kW chiller, reduction of power consumption was up to 6.05% per year at full load condition.

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