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Ammonia water absorption chiller

Date: 12-25-2017

  • A single stage ammonia-water absorption chiller with complete condensation is designed, built and tested. 
    The apparatus is designed for a cooling capacity of 2814 W, which is obtained using electric heater as heating source. 
    The thermodynamic models have been derived using the First and Second Laws. Calculated results are compared with experimental data. 
    The results show that the cooling capacity of experimental apparatus is found between 1900 and 2200 W with the actual coefficient of performance (COP) between 0.32 and 0.36. The contribution of the components to internal entropy production is analyzed.
    It shows that the larger irreversibility is caused by spanning the largest temperature and dissipated thermal energy by heat transfer losses at the generator and evaporator. In the experimentation, the low pressure is lower than the designed value. This is a consequence of a large capacity in the falling film absorber which performs as expected. This decreases the evaporation pressure, and the evaporating temperature could be reduced to the designed value.

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