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Why choose the screw chiller

Date: 12-25-2017

  • The water chiller is more and more popular in many industries.

    There are many kinds of different industrial water chillers, piston chillers, screw chillers, lithium bromide absorption chillers, water source heat pump,etc.

    But after years of practice, we think is the best choice of screw chillers. Why ? The reasons as follows:

    The first reason: screw chillers, principle completely accords with the concept of environmental protection and energy saving.The compression of cooling liquid evaporation absorbs heat and liquid liquefied, continue to work.A loop, less waste, high efficiency.The use of cooling water and recycle, repeatedly used to save water, screw chiller is the standard of energy saving machine.It's selection for environmental protection and energy saving.And refrigerant using R22 refrigerant.It efficiently carry heat, can very good complete the endothermic and exothermic rapid transformation.

    The second reason: screw chillers, simple principle, simple structure, simple to maintain.Although preliminary input is larger, but the maintenance easy in the future his parts is only one over ten of the piston chillers.And its volume is small, the weight is light, energy consumption is small, convenient place.It is the masterpiece of god.

    The third reason: low requirements for environment, can adapt to complex factory, is not sensitive to moisture, is not subject to external corrosion gas.And low noise, small vibration, very suitable for a high demand of the workshop, can achieve without noise, give employees a comfortable office environment.

    5. Preparation before start-up chiller

    Examine the electrical system de-energized

    The internal parts of de-energized electrical system can be checked. the Checked items cover 

    the tightness of bolts for wires、contactor etc, 

    screwing-up of wiring for comp and reliable connection of 

    plugged in components and PLC module,(confirm if they come loose during transportation) to make sure contact well. 

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