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Water cooled screw chiller

Winday industrial chiller are the perfect solution for any application, in particular for the plastic field, such as: injection molding, extrusion (sheet & profile), blow molding, thermoforming, PET, plastic film, and other industrial field : electroplating (surface treatment), medicine, chemical, hydraulic system, leaser, shoe-making, electronic, print, etc.


1.The Outlet Water Temperature Range:

   7℃ to -85℃.  

2.Cooling Capacity Range:

   1RT to 1000RT

   3kw to 3500kw

   12000Btu to 120000000Btu

   3000Kal to 3000000Kal

3. The Refrigerant:


4.In addition to the specifications and requirements, we can provide non-standard products according to customer requirements.(Also accept OEM)

Chiller Features:

Water-cooled chiller cooling efficiency, cooling capacity to produce the same power consumed less, running noise is relatively low.

1. Motor built-in compressor is cooled by refrigerant gas, the motor efficiency is greatly improved, and motor has large overload capacity. its size is reduced, makes structure of screw chillers structure more compact

2. Refrigeration compressor, its special Yin and Yang rotor is mainly to improve the rotor rotational speed and the speed difference of the Yin and Yang rotor when it is rotating at high-speed.

3. Using the differential pressure for oil pressure

4. Refrigeration compressor without oil cooling system

5. Refrigeration compressor oil separator can be made into integration with the host

6. Using injection liquid refrigerant to cooling

7. Frequency converter is used to adjust capacity. At the same time, in addition to a few micro semi-hermetic screw compressor, most semi-hermetic screw compressor set with interior volume specific ratio level regulating mechanism.


For now, screw chillers are running very stable in Shanghai Winday. But still want to remind you, please remember to do regular maintenance for screw chiller, so as to prolong its service life.


Screw chiller ground maintenance, generally small assembly screw chiller using ground insulation board. A lot of ice and water on the ground should be prevented while screw chiller are using. If there is ice , the clean-up must not use a hard object to beat or damage the floor

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